Fancy Dining

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  • cbrisk ( 35M / Bakersfield, CA )


    dinner movies and more dinnerman deserves nothing but the best

  • nicole34 ( 36W / London, England - London )


    Romantic dinner for two i believe that sets the mood an helps both of us to relax so we can get to kno eachother.

  • Sarah99 ( 66W / Sitka, AK )


    We would go to Dubai and have a very fancy dinner

  • aka4u1817 ( 68W / Davenport, IA )


    Dinner. I liked to be surprised so I would be open to my date planning the date.

  • tinamaree ( 49W / Dallastown, PA )


    I really like a man who knows what he wants but not overpowering. It is extremely sweet when they take into account what would please the other person. I love a movie, a nice dinner and then if things are going well, the  more>>

  • Niamha ( 55W / Mountain View, CA )


    How about a candle light dinner and then go for a nice walk. Hopefully it will be a clear night we can look at the stars and perhaps the moon.

  • Cronier ( 61M / Cantley, QC )


    Our first date could be just a coffee shop, a sports bar or a great candle lit dinner. We do need to get to know each other (-:

  • Fiorellla ( 53W / milano, Lombardia )


    Get going ! let us know what your ideas are !

  • kitty60 ( 61W / Buffalo, NY )


    I would like to keep it simple and take it slow, coffee is an optimal place to meet and get to know each other.

  • JanGal1010 ( 67W / Mentone, CA )


    I think the same thing about 90% of us think. A quiet restaurant that sells beer, wine and mixed drinks Some delicious food. The restaurant must be a quiet place with low lights andf booths that are semi private. Have yo  more>>

  • renner_eb ( 39W / Tuncury, New South Wales )


    Beach walking , Cinema, museum or any where simple.

  • Lousforlove ( 63W / San Diego, CA )


    Quit dinner for 2 . With a view. A nice walk after. Talking late in to the night.

  • 1of3dolls ( 51W / Houston, TX )


    In short words we will play it by ear I do enjoy impromptu plans but basically it can't be described

  • PurpleLotus2013 ( 62W / Las Vegas, NV )


    I am allergic to seafood so one that serves mostly seafood won't work , but other restaurants are fine

  • hejoha48 ( 66M / WeiƟwasser, Sachsen )


    romantisches Abendessen beim Italiener oder Griechen

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